Friday, August 10, 2007

Hail Maaaaarrrrghhhy!

Today is the Haiku Buckaroo Contest! Well, we gotcha covered here. We got Nun Buckaroos, Nun Pirates and the ever-popular, Five Nuns at the Bar .. all in Haiku!

You may be surprised to know that deep within my inky black heart there is a soft tender spot for today's guest star. I first stumbled across Sister Mary Barnacle when I had to travel to the North Pole for a gig. I know that God is everywhere, but Nuns seem to be running a close second, sailing the high seas AND hawking Pope memorabilia on Home Shopping Channels.

Fifteen Dollar Pope
(Plus Shipping and Handling)
Arrrgh! Let's make a deal!

Pirates Movie 4:
Pirate Nuns armed with rulers.
But wounds? Just skin Depp.

Pirate Jokes? Easy
But John Paul says best not to
say the same of nuns.

Nuns cannot help it.
Arrrrgh Fatherrrrr and Hail Marrrrrrghy
It's habit forming.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What a Big Rack You Have

Being an Episcopalian (affectionately known as "Catholic-Lite", "No Saturday night Hootenanny Masses Here", or "All the Pomp With None of the Guilt") we don't have a shared experience with the kindly nun, the wise maternal Mother Superior, or today's more austere example,


If God's too busy
To Shield You From All Danger
Then We've Got Your Back

There is Nothing More
Important than Weekly Mass.
We're Glad You Agree.

Hey Bucko, Guess What?
Me and My Shotgun Here Say
You Just Can't Quit Us.

Five Nuns With Big Guns
They aren't blessed peacemakers,
More like Bad Habits.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

One, Two, Three, Drink!

Welcome to Snappy Casual Nuns where we post pictures of all things nunish. And why not? Nuns are hip and cool. They rock the black in the dead of summer, they star in musicals and movies and they wear a WIMPLE for Chrissake. For our inaugural edition we present:


Five Nuns at a Bar
An easy target when you've
No legs to stand on

I have one question
New-fangled communion rail...
Approved by the Pope?

Only things missing:
Blue gingham dress and a pair
of ruby slippers.

Click your heels three times
and then repeat after me:
"There's No Place Like Rome...."